Bio Magnetic Products: A Noninvasive and Natural Way of Treating Diseases

The world over is filled with different kinds of illnesses most of which are not curable or expensive to obtain medication as claimed by some people. Perhaps they haven’t explored the whole set of possibilities for different ailment cures. Most of the illnesses are curable with natural and noninvasive methods, though not so many doctors will stand in support of it, yet it’s the plain truth. Biomagnetic therapy is actually the noninvasive and natural method that is used to cure different sorts of ailments and conditions in the human body.

What’s biomagnetic therapy?

Also known as terrain restoration therapy or biomagnetic pair, is simply a natural therapy which aims at re-establishing a normal cellular environment by using medium intensity pair of magnets to stabilize the pH level of the body. Biomagnetism uses the idea of body pH to treat different diseases.

According to the medical biomagnetism whose discovery is attributed to a Mexican doctor called Isaac Goiz in the year 1988, most of the illnesses in human body including cancer plus other complex diseases are related to the primary pH level alterations in internal body organs and presence of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, toxins, fungus and parasites. Goiz discovered that illnesses in the body of organisms cannot occur without an imbalance in pH level. And this is the fundamental approach used in treating illnesses using biomagnetism.

Biomagnetic therapy uses a different approach from magnetic acupuncture and magnetic therapy. Unlike the latter two, biomagnetic pair makes use of pair of magnets with opposite charges in depolarizing the areas of the body which are unbalanced as a result of pathogens among other factors that have vibrational and energetic resonation.  This method is also different as it can diagnose causes and fight the real disease causes especially the viruses.

How bio magnetic therapy work

The American Cancer Society indicates that magnetic therapy can be used in reducing pain and treating certain ailments on various parts of the body. The different biomagnetic products such as magnetic bracelets and magnetic beadsamong other apparatus have shown positive effects since there are certain cells and tissues in the body which produce electromagnetic impulses.

In theory when the flow of these impulses are hampered by injuries and diseases, magnetic energy can be used to rectify imbalance recorded and re-establish the health of an individual. This is why bio energy bracelets turn out to be effective in the treatment of illnesses and injuries.

The range of benefits brought about by bio magnetic therapy is very broad, made possible through the different products.  Magnetic therapy products have been marketed as effective in alleviating migraine headaches, improve blood circulation, repairing broken bones and treating cancer.

Basically, this therapy makes use of very fine magnetic metals fixed on items such as bio necklaces and bio bracelets. They are then worn for different time amounts depending on type of ailment on which the therapy is being applied. The treatment length ranges from a couple of hours to couple of weeks. Most of the magnetic therapy products being sold are termed as static magnets because the magnetic field generated is stationary.

How bio magnetic therapy is administered?

Biomagnetic therapy is administered using noninvasive methods just as stated earlier. Its administration is achieved through the biomagnetic therapy products. You’ve seen people wearing jewelries and other such beauty assortments, well the magnetic therapy products use the same approach but with the goal of not only adding beauty but also boosting your health.

One common biomagnetic therapy product is the biomagnetic bracelet. This bracelet has been specially designed to boost biomagnetism as well as aesthetic appeal to top up to your beauty. It’s very useful in the maintenance of a normal blood pressure. It is worn on the right hand to normalize and control high blood pressure levels. In the case of low blood pressure, the bracelet is worn on the left wrist. For the results to start being obvious, it’srecommended that it’s worn all day and night and whenever necessary.

The bracelets are required to be worn on the wrists because, this is where the magnetic theory of the human body revolves in. Arteries pass through the wrist and the magnetic bracelet around it helps improve the blood flow and circulation. Improved circulation supplies nutrients to all parts of the body hence reducing or eliminating diseases which are related to certain nutrient deficiencies. The bracelets are combined with Titanium because it’s stronger than steel but 45% lighter. Due to the strength, lightness, temperature tolerance and corrosion resistance, titanium is the most preferred metal in the manufacture of the bio bracelets and most of the other items such as rings.

Does size and shape really matter?

The size and shape of the bio magnetic products vary. But that doesn’t have any effect on their effectiveness. This is because the magnets used in the bracelets and other products are the neodymium magnets which have magnetic field of around 2,500 to 10,000 Gauss (This is the measurement unit of magnetic field, named after Kar F. Gauss, a mathematician and physicist).

Using the magnetic bracelets as ornaments

The magnetic bracelets are purposely designed for health benefits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put them on for aesthetic appeal. Actually some people purchase them primarily for ornamental purposes since they are beautifully designed.

Apart from controlling and improving ailments, these bio magnetic products are also good for their aesthetic appeal. Sono one should be afraid to embrace biomagnetism.

There are Different types of Bio Magnetic Products as follows:

Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Copper Magnetic Bracelet.
Tungsten Bio Magnetic Bracelet.
Titanium Magnetic Bracelets.
Magnetic Health Bracelet.
Magnetic Power Bracelet.
Bio Energy Bracelet.
Titanium Bio Magnetic Bracelets.
Magnetic Bracelet.
Titanium Magnetic Bracelet.
Tungsten Stone Bio Magnetic Bracelet.

Bio Magnetic Pendants

Bio Magnetic MST Sliver Pendant
Bio Magnetic Aura Gold Pendant
Bio Magnetic MNT Gold Pendant
Bio Magnetic Quantum Science Pendant
Bio Magnetic MST Energy Pendant
Bio Magnetic Diamond Lava Scalar Pendant

Magnetic Rigns

Benefits of Bio magnetic Products

  • Bio Magnetic therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes.
  • Bio Magnetic Products removes all Body toxin and metabolic wastes removed through sweating .
    Bio Magnetic Products Improves immune power enhances body energy level. Bio Magnetic Products also regulates blood pressure.
  • Bio Magnetic Product Enhances body ,brain & mental power .
  • Bio Magnetic Products helps the body regain its self-healing balance naturally, because each organ and cell in the body is influenced by magnetic fields.
  • Bio Magnetic Products helps in Insomnia/Sleeplessness, Constipation, Blood pressure, Respiratory problems, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Backache, Headache.
  • Bio Magnetic Products helps your body to heal itself faster, Promote cell regeneration, helps increasing energy levels, helps increasing blood circulation, Allow better mobility. Bio Magnetic Products helps Providing deeper, more restful sleep.

Precautions when wearing your biomagnetic products

A point to take not of is that the bio magnetic bracelet shouldn’t be worn next to the wrist watch for some good reasons. One reason is that coupling your magnetic bracelet and wrist watch or other metallic bracelets is that your bio bracelet will be worn out from wear and tear due to rubbing together with the other item. Another reason is that the internal movements of your digital watch may be damaged by the bracelet’s magnetism.

Take note that the magnetic therapy products shouldn’t be worn if you have a defibrillator, pacemaker, and insulin pump among other electro medical devices. They shouldn’t be worn during pregnancy as well.

You do not have to worry about the side effects of the products since magnetic therapy is safe for living organisms. This has also been confirmed by the World Health Organization that the static magnetic fields are not hazardous to the human health. There are no complications that have been reported from biomagnetism.